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How Pet Owners Benefit From Carpet Steam Cleaning

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If you own a cat or dog, you know they can be hard on your carpet. Therefore, you may need more frequent carpet cleaning to keep your room looking and smelling fresh. Steam cleaning is a perfect solution for homes with pets. Plus, this type of cleaning has many benefits. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of carpet steam cleaning for you and your pets.

How Do Pets Affect Carpets?

Pets impact your carpet in many ways, so you may need more frequent carpet cleaning than non-pet owners. Below is a list of some of the ways pets affect your carpet's cleanliness.

Pets Track in Dirt

Your pet doesn't know how to wipe their own feet. Pets tend to play in the grass and dirt outside and track some of that dirt inside.

Pets Shed

Pets have fur, feathers and dander that integrate deep into the carpet fibres. This issue not only makes your carpet look bad, but it may make allergies worse.

Pets Have "Accidents"

Sometimes, pets can't control their bowel movements or vomit and they make a mess on the carpet. These substances both stain your carpet and make it smell horrible.

What Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Do for Pet Owners?

Most carpet cleaning processes, including steam cleaning, do a good job of eliminating stains and odours. Steam cleaning gets deep into the carpet to eliminate odour-producing bacteria and allergens. It also affects parasites like fleas. Vacuuming alone doesn't reduce eggs and larvae, but steam cleaning can help.

How Are Birds Affected by Steam Cleaning?

Birds have sensitive lungs, so you must take precautions against chemicals. Unlike traditional chemical cleaning, steam cleaning tends to be more bird-friendly. Chemicals leave a residue that could be harmful if inhaled or ingested. However, some steam cleaners use detergents, so check with the company if you have a bird. If you aren't sure, keep your bird in another area until the carpet dries.

What Precautions Should Pet Owners Take Afterwards?

To keep your carpet looking as good as possible, keep your pets off the newly cleaned carpet until it dries. If you let people and pets walk on the carpet too soon, it will be soiled again quickly. Drying machines can help quicken the process and reduce shrinkage.

When you have pets, carpet cleaning is important for you and your pets' health. A clean carpet also makes a comfortable home. If you have concerns about how carpet cleaning affects your pet, talk to the cleaning company about their process. If you want to schedule a carpet cleaning for your home, contact a carpet cleaning company for more details, like Springfresh Carpet Cleaning.