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4 Areas of Your Business to Clean During Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is done once a year and provides you with a way to clean areas of your business that are often overlooked. Here are some areas to make sure you clean and disinfect during spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean all of your break room appliances inside and out. These appliances are probably not cleaned often unless you are doing routine maintenance or have an operating problem and need to troubleshoot them. One appliance that probably doesn't get cleaned as often as it should is the washing machine if you have one in your commercial space. During spring cleaning, make sure the inside of the washing machine is clean and disinfected. You can do this by running an empty cycle with white distilled vinegar and using the hot water cycle. Another option is to run it empty with your regular detergent and hot water. Don't forget about your other appliances, such as the clothes dryer, refrigerator, stove and oven, and the dishwasher.


It is also common to clean the windows inside and out when you are spring cleaning. While you might clean the inside of the windows occasionally, don't just clean the glass; you should also be cleaning the frame and windowsill. Also, clean the outside of the windows. This may be a little more work since you often need a ladder and special tools to get it clean. For completely clean windows without streaks, consider using natural cleaning products and a squeegee instead of just wiping it with paper towels. You can also hire a professional window cleaning service if you prefer.

Walls and Baseboards

Your walls and baseboards might be dusty and full of fingerprints without you realizing it. While this isn't something you need to do alongside routine cleaning on a weekly basis, it should definitely get done during spring cleaning. Wash all of your walls from floor to ceiling with a rag and natural cleaning agent, such as vinegar. This is good because it cleans, disinfects, and gives it a nice, clean smell throughout your home. Clean all of the dust and build-up off the baseboards, trim, and your switch and outlet covers as well.

HVAC Air Filters

Your HVAC system should be maintained on a regular basis, but it is often difficult to remember to clean or empty the filters. While this should be done more than once a year, doing it while spring cleaning is a good reminder. You first need to check if the filter is reusable or disposable. Disposable air filters can just be thrown out and replaced, which is definitely less work. However, some are reusable, so you will need to take it out and clean it before putting it back in the unit.