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Is Your Carpet Always Wet After Cleaning? Try These 5 Solutions

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Carpet cleaning is as essential as having your home itself cleaned. Over time, the carpet gathers all manner of dirt such as soil, hairs, pet fur, allergens and stains. This necessitates thorough professional carpet cleaning services to not only clean the carpet, but to restore its look and the quality of air in your home as well.

However, as you might well know, carpet cleaning often leaves carpets feeling damp and uneasy to walk on. To avoid this, try the following tips the next time you're having your carpet cleaned:

Vacuum after cleaning

An easy solution that you can try is to use a wet/dry vacuum after the carpet has been cleaned. Note that this is a special vacuum cleaner designed to extract water. It is not your standard dry vacuum. Use the wet/dry vacuum to suction off any remaining water from your carpet. Although this vacuum may not dry your carpet completely, it will remove much of the moisture within it.

Use a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers have long been used in basements to extract moisture and keep the rooms dry. If you have one of these units, you can use it to help dry your wet carpet as well. Simply place it in the room where the carpet is and leave it to do its magic for a number of hours. The dehumidifier will extract moisture from the carpet, and the room, slashing the drying time by a huge fraction.

Open your windows

Another idea that you can also try is to open your windows to dry the carpet faster. If you have a fan, use it as well. This idea works by allowing moisture within the carpet to evaporate and move out of the house, thereby drying your carpet faster. Although this technique works, it can be quite slow. Its success is also pegged on the outdoor temperature. If it's cold outside it won't work.

Choose steam cleaning over hot water extraction

The two most popular carpet cleaning methods are hot-water extraction and steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is a much drier process than its counterpart because water is not used. Unlike hot water, steam dries much faster as it can easily dissipate into the air, drying your carpet after a shorter while. Also, steam does not soak your carpet like water does, so your carpet is not left as wet after cleaning.

Try alternative carpet cleaning technologies

Alternatively, you can keep your carpet drier by opting for other cleaning technologies, other than hot-water extraction or steam cleaning. A good example is the hot carbonation extraction process called Chem Dry. The process uses 80% less water compared to steam cleaning, thus making sure your carpet dries in a couple of hours.

The sooner you can get your carpet dry, the sooner you, your kids, and your pets can get back to walking and playing on the most comfy part of the house.