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Why You Should Have Your Oven Cleaned Professionally

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Cleaning the oven has to be one of life's most unpopular and tricky domestic chores.  The oven cleaning products available to the householder are not as effective as those used by commercial firms, and hours of elbow grease can still leave your oven caked in grease.  That's just one reason why it is well-worth investing in the services of a professional commercial cleaning company to tackle your grimy oven for you.

For more reasons why you should have your oven cleaned professionally, read on.


When you cook meat or use oil to roast vegetables inside your oven, a residue of grease is left on the oven surfaces.  When exposed to heat over time, this greasy film becomes carbonised and can present a real fire risk. 

The fan at the back of the oven can become caked in grease to such an extent that it stops working properly or altogether, and this can lead to an increased fire risk.

The most effective way to remove this carbonised grease is by using a combination of strong chemicals and steam cleaning techniques, and good commercial cleaning firms will have this toolkit at their disposal.

Energy saving and efficiency

If your oven is dirty, it will take longer to get up to temperature.  When the oven is clean and free from caked-on grime, it heats up more quickly, making it more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run.

When the glass-fronted door to your oven is covered in grease, you can't see the food cooking inside.  This means that you have to keep opening the door to check on the food, causing heat to escape.  It will then take time for the oven to return to temperature again, meaning that cooking times are disrupted and more energy will be used to reheat the oven.

Better-tasting food

A clean oven will distribute heat more evenly than a dirty one, meaning that your food will be cooked more evenly too.

An oven lined with grease and carbon will produce smoke that can give your food an unpleasant after taste, as well as annoyingly triggering your smoke alarm every time you cook dinner!

If the fan in your oven is clogged up with grease, your temperature settings won't be accurate and the oven will become too hot.  This means that cooking times will be disrupted and foods like meat may be overcooked on the outside, but undercooked on the inside, presenting a risk of food poisoning.

In conclusion

A professional firm of commercial cleaners, such as Comclean Australia Pty Ltd, will be equipped and experienced to clean your oven thoroughly.  As the holiday season approaches, why not have your oven professionally cleaned so that you can enjoy pre-dinner drinks with your guests safe in the knowledge that the festive fare you're cooking will taste great and be safe to eat too?