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4 places your real estate checks during your bond inspection that you might miss

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When you are leaving a rental property, getting the bond back can make the difference between an awesome housewarming at your new place and being broke for months. Here are a few places that your real estate agent might check that you don't expect.

Skirting boards

If you have intricate woodwork in your house, such as delicate skirting boards, picture rails or cornices it can be surprising how much dust builds up in the crevices. Make sure to go back and check the woodwork after you have done your clean in the main room, in case your cleaning has dislodged dust into the air which comes back and settles into the crevices.


Even if you're not a regular cook, it's easy for oven to build up with dust and grime that drips down from your stovetop. Be sure to clean your racks and walls by soaking in a cleaning solution, to create a bright and shiny interior to the oven.

Try baking a cup with vanilla essence in the oven to create a pleasant odour in the oven, and throughout the kitchen.

Underneath the toilet seat

If you live in a household of women, you might not regularly lift your toilet seat. However regardless of the toilet lifting habits of your housemates, you can find a nasty build up lurking underneath the toilet seat. Be sure to lift the toilet seat and give a solid scrub under the seat and under the rim. It can be useful to use a scented and whitening cleaning product to create an impression of freshness.

External windowpanes

If you live on a busy street, window panes can easily build up with dust and grime. Be sure to fully dry your windows after you clean them, as the moist surface commonly attracts dust and debris. Make sure to clean the windows down unused areas like the shed, or the side of the house. Using a squirt of dishwashing liquid in a warm bucket water, applied with a squeegee and dried with old towels can create a shiny effect on even the oldest and dullest of windows.

If you are not confident in your cleaning abilities, or just limited in your free time, using a bond cleaning service, such as Top Cleaning Brisbane TCP, may help make sure you get all your bond back and don't need to return for extra cleaning. Why not call a cleaning service for a quote today?