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4 Hospital Cleaning Tips to Avoid Sickness in Your Home

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If you have a busy household you'll know it can be all too easy to spread nasty bugs and viruses between people in your household. Hospitals have to deal with this on a much larger scale, and are very experienced in preventing viruses from spreading. Read on to get some hospital grade cleaning tips.

Change out your bedding and towels regularly

Make sure that household members only use their own towels, and change out bedding regularly. Sweat and saliva can easily build up on pillows and towels, creating a perfect warm environment to grow more bacteria. Wash all of your linen at the hottest temperature available in your washing machine, with detergents, to kill off bugs before placing back in use. This also helps people feel more pleasantly when spending a substantial amount of the day laid up in bed.

Keep yourself as clean as possible

One of the easiest ways for viruses to spread is by a caregiver touching a sick patient, and then transferring the virus to another patient. If you are the caregiver at home during an outbreak it's very important to be regularly sanitising your hands particularly when caring for your family members or preparing food for yourself or the kids. Make sure everyone practises good hygiene in the bathroom and consider using a timer to make sure they wash for long enough.

Change out your cleaning clothes regularly

It can be easy to keep using the same cleaning cloth or mop for months without changing it out, without realising it, as we often don't look that closely at our mop heads. Keep separately wash clothes for different areas of the house and wash and sterilise these daily during an outbreak to stop spreading germs between surfaces. Have a schedule cleanout of your mop heads once a month as well, to ensure that your mop does not accumulate and move around germs.

Concentrate on high touch surfaces

Many people concentrate on the largest, flattest surfaces when cleaning but the majority of germ transfer occurs on high touch surfaces such as door knobs, computer keyboards and light switches. Concentrating clean efforts on these surfaces is much more effective at reducing disease transmission than dusting shelves and cleaning windowpanes.

Taking some tips from hospital cleaning techniques can help reduce transmission of viruses between your family members and household visitors. For more tips, you can always contact companies like SKG Pty Ltd.