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Closing Shop? Seek an End-of-Lease Cleaning Service for Your Premises

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An end-of-lease cleaning is a cleaning service that you seek when terminating tenancy in your commercial space. Unlike other regular types of cleaning, an end-of-lease cleaning service is thorough and seeks to restore the property back to its pre-lease condition.

This cleaning service is provided by commercial cleaners. It applies to premises such as offices, institutions, retail outlets and even warehouses. It is carried out after you have cleared out your items and left the bare property as it were before you occupied it.

What does it involve?

An end-of-lease cleaning service involves cleaning every surface, and eroding the years/months of accumulated dirt. Since your tenancy property is already removed, this cleaning service allows the commercial cleaners to take care of every inch of space in the property.

The cleaning includes:

  • Carpet cleaning: Carpets are cleaned through a steam or hot water extraction process. This treatment allows for the removal of deep-seated dirt such as: grit, hairs, fibers, smells and dried-in stains.
  • Tile cleaning: A tile cleaning services involves high-pressure water blasting of the tile surface to remove stains that may have altered the tile color. It also involves scrubbing the grout to remove stains from dirty water.
  • Timber floor cleaning: The wax on old timber floors can be removed and re-applied afresh to remove years of dirt. Modern timber floors can be coated afresh and polished for a shiny new look.
  • Window cleaning: The commercial cleaners will also clean the interior and exterior sides of your windows.
  • Furniture cleaning: Desks, chairs and fixtures will be wiped down and sanitised. This also includes any equipment or appliances present.
  • Trash removal: If you have any trash remaining after your exit process, the cleaners will bag it and remove it from the premises.

Why is an end-of-lease cleaning service important?

If the lease agreement with your landlord/building management requires that you clean-up after exit, this service will ensure you adhere to that contract. If you put down a deposit on the property, then a clean space would likely mean that you would get the majority of it in return.

Even where you are not expressly required to clean the premises, doing so anyway ensures you leave a good impression. It's the professional thing to do, and at the very least, its good courtesy.

If you're closing down your commercial business, or relocating, talk to a commercial cleaning service like Southern Cross Cleaning (SA) Pty Ltd about an end-of-lease service. Plan for it ahead and make it one of your to-do items in the exit processes.