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4 Ways a Fruit Roller Brush Could Improve Your Small Business

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As a retailer, supplier or producer of fruit, you will be aware how much credence is given by the consumer to the look of the fruit they are buying. If you have grown your business successfully, you will also be aware that sometimes it can be difficult for your small business to meet large orders. These two criteria—producing appetizing fruit and being able to expand—can be met by investing in a fruit roller brush. Look at some of the benefits of using a fruit roller brush.

Better End Product

There is no doubt that passing fruit through the roller improves their final appearance. Consumers will always buy the fruit they perceive to look the healthiest, so if you are supplying healthy-looking fruit, you could increase sales. One of the things the brushes are good at is cleaning the fruit. Sometimes, soil and other debris can be on the fruit, and can look less than appetizing. Cleaning the fruit over the brushes transforms the fruit, making it attractive to customers.

Speeds Up Production

It can be quite a lengthy process to get the fruit from the fields into a position where it can be sent out for delivery. The fruit is usually passed along several stages, including a cleaning, drying and waxing or polishing stage. This also requires quite a few staff to operate at the different stages. Setting up a conveyor system that incorporated fruit roller brushes would enable a small company to perform all three stages by the time the fruit has passed over the rollers. This greatly increases the potential production of a small company, enabling them to try and secure bigger contracts.

Eliminates Human Waste

It is inevitable that some fruit will be damaged due to human interference. Perhaps a fruit has been squeezed too hard, or dropped; whatever the cause, the end result will be a no sale for that fruit. Taking people out of that process by implementing fruit rollers will decrease the amount of accidental waste that is generated, allowing you to be more efficient as a company.

Three-in-One Function

You can fit different bristles to different sections of a fruit roller machine. For example, to clean the fruit, brushes with stiff bristles are used. To polish the fruit, sections of brushes with soft bristles are used. Lastly, bristles that dry any wet fruit can be used. The three in one ability of the roller allows you to offer better processed fruit at a lower cost to your business.

Fruit rollers can be any size, from the size of a table to the size of a warehouse. The sections of rollers are built up to form one roller machine. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like B.J.J. Industrial Brushes Pty Ltd.